Stella Strength & Conditioning

Stella Premier Training

Our team’s passion lies in helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals in the most convenient ways possible. We come to your front door and provide you with a personalized plan. Goals of Stella Premier include:

Identifying your individual deficiencies of the body
Improving energy levels
Improving your body fat percentage
Speeding recovery from training
toning and firming
metabolic conditioning and much more…

We understand that making time to fit your workouts in your hectic, daily life can be challenging and stressful, so we take pride in bringing your workouts to you during times that are most ideal.
Nutrition programs can be included as part of an integrated training program, or available¬† as an individual service as well. We invest in all of our clients, and look forward to having you experience the premier standard of training. To achieve this personal approach, each client will have a phone consultation with a member of the performance innovation team to create a plan that supports the clients needs, goals and lifestyle. Following the initial consultation, support continues through training programs or individual programs, providing continued education, follow-up evaluations, and support strategies as needed and goals evolve. Everyone has different goals, schedules, and lives, and we understand that there isn’t one training strategy that works for everyone. Our staff works with you to create a strategy that best fits your goals and lifestyle, creating simple yet effective ways to ensure you’re getting the proper training your body needs to perform at your best on a daily basis. These strategies are custom built around any needs and can help those who find it hard to follow their plans while away from our team.