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I compete against myself, because...
I am the strongest competitor I know...
I pursue performance...
I am dedicated to my regimen...
I am an ATHLETE.

Perform. Prevail. Conquer.

Helping train on weights

Services for Athletes

sports performance training/ personalized training for athletes (high school to college)
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Students training

Services for Schools

Stella Strength will find the best coach suited for your school. After all every school is unique in its nature. I will seek out a coach for your student population that will understand their needs as well as the administration’s needs. This process will save your school's time and money. Don't want to hire a coach? Utilize my consulting services and design a customized program for all your teams or just one team while empowering your coaches with the training. Read More

Distance Coaching

Off to College? Need a coach while away from home? Upon purchase of the training program Stella will email you an extensive questionnaire so that the training can be designed to your exact needs. After returning the completed questionnaire you will receive a detailed training program including a weekly training schedule, exercises, sets, reps, and percentages. Throughout the entire training program you will receive continuous monitoring with alterations as needed designed to bring your strength, power, and speed to new levels. This also includes unlimited email communication for the duration of the program. Read More


Nutrition is 20 percent science and 80 percent habit. You've probably had the same nutrition habits for years, if not decades. It takes time, strategies specific to your lifestyle, and on-going support to truly change your behavior and improve your performance. Performance nutrition centers on a precise combination of fueling and hydrating. Through the integration of proper food selection, portion control, nutrient timing, and hydration, our Registered Dietitian Ryan Waters can help you transform your body composition, increase your energy levels, and improve your performance. Read More

School Nutriton

Nutrition makes a difference academically and athletically. Nutrition and hydration affect mood, attention span, energy levels,strength, endurance, and overall health and well being. Read More

Corporate Wellness Programs

Our programs motivate employees to empower themselves with healthy lifestyle choices and focus preventative services to reduce health risks such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This is the most cost effective way to reduce health care costs. Our team will work with upper management to achieve nutrition counseling and group lunch and learn programs. Changing corporate culture such as eating and multitasking, business travel and eating and exercise management can be provided. Read More