Stella Strength & Conditioning

Services For Schools

Staffing Weight Rooms:


Take the guess work out.  Stella Strength will find the best coach suited for your school. After all every school is unique in its nature. I will seek out a coach for your student population that will understand their needs as well as the administration’s needs. Stella Strength comes to your school’s premises  and delivers a personalized plan for your varsity teams and a watchful eye in your weight room. Stella Strength will deliver a program exceeding anything available. Finding a coach that will capture themselves in your school’s culture takes time. Let us do the work for you.


Stella Strength will staff your training facility with a coach best suited for your students and administrators. With that being said, the services provided are cost effective in comparison to that of a full time strength and conditioning coach. Stella Strength will also find a full time coach if so desired.


Students looking for a  sport performance, strength training, or personal training program can sign up for Stella Strength’s training program.  This will allow students an individualized and customized plan to becoming a stronger, powerful, faster, and an overall well rounded student athlete


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Program Designs or Nutritional Plans

Stella Strength offers consulting to support your team’s staff and to supplement performance and nutritional needs. Working together toward your organization’s goals, Stella Strength will work with your coaches and administration to provide various levels of support, while being in constant communication with your team’s strength-and-conditioning and medical staff. Team consulting opportunities include:

  • Design Strength and Power Programs for any sport
  • Design Conditioning programs for any sport
  • Design Speed work customized for any sport
  • Preseason, in-season, and offseason nutritional plans