Stella Strength & Conditioning


Mike Stella has without a doubt changed my life for the better. Going into my sophomore year of football at Belmont Hill, I was a 205lbs defensive lineman who was weak and undersized. After some persuading from my captain that year, I decided to join Stella’s program. It was easily the best decision I ever made. I came into training camp that fall at the fastest, strongest, and quickest I had ever been and earned a starting spot that season and never looked back, because Stella pushed me hard enough to reach my potential! By my senior year I was 255lbs. What I think is the greatest aspect of Mike Stella’s training regimen isn’t necessarily the results I saw or the goals I achieved, but rather the fact that he cares so much about each and every one of his athletes and considers them to be part of his family. This man genuinely cares about everyone he trains and that is why I genuinely believe he is the best in the business. The program doesn’t just work it is impressive. If you want to become bigger, stronger, more explosive, faster, and quicker, then you’re in the right place!

Stella Strength provided me with an opportunity to grow as a person, athlete, and a competitor. Over the past 3 years I have become noticeably quicker, faster, stronger, and more explosive with and off the ball while gaining 25lbs. Every time I step onto the field or ice I both physically and mentally feel an advantage! Thanks to Stella I now look forward to every one on one battle I am presented with!

Stella Strength forever changed the way I look at a weight room. After training with several programs in the Boston area, I have never seen results like these or gained close to as much knowledge as I have with Mike. I now approach the bar with confidence and look at the weight room as an extension of the field. Thank you Stella for everything!

Stella changed the way I look at training. His character in and out of the weight room, alongside his dedication and authentic desire to make me better as an athlete is truly inspiring. His methods are unique and his results are real! I have worked with many popular trainers in the area, and I can honestly say that Stella has prepared me the best as an athlete!

Mike is an outstanding strength and conditioning coach here at Brooks. His expertise and knowledge in his field set him apart, but it is his ability to connect with student-athletes which makes him unique. By getting to know the athletes he works with, he is able to motivate each individual and devise the best possible strength and conditioning program for them.

” Working with Stella was the best decision I’ve made. His guidance throughout the summer was phenomenal and I saw tremendous gains in size, strength, and athleticism. His enthusiasm kept me motivated and wanting to work harder everyday.”

” By training with Stella I was able to become a stronger, quicker, and more athletic player which allowed me to surpass athletes my own age and put me into the starting line up as a freshman helping lead my team to the NESCAC quarterfinals, a feat that had not been achieved in over 5 years.”

“I have trained with Mike for almost 4 years now. His training has been a key contributing factor to the success I have enjoyed throughout all stages of my career, high school and college. In wrestling, and in most sports strength is a crucial part of being competitive. Mike’s training has prepared me and continues to help me compete at the highest level.”

“On behalf of Jayne and myself, we would likeĀ  you to know how grateful we are for all your personal training of Parker this summer. You have made a great difference in Parker’s life Mike. You have taught him the invaluable lessons of hard work, perserverance, physical and mental preparedness and, most importantly, that everything worth having in life and achieving in life is worth working hard for. Parker has grown not only physically through his work with you, but also mentally and psychologically. Much is owed to you for his development. Every young man needs someone in their life besides a parent that they can relate to as a mentor. You have indeed become one of Parker’s key mentors, helping to shape him into not only a good athlete, but also a good young man. We are truly grateful for your commitment to that goal, and appreciate and respect your dedication.”